When I lived in Shiraz, one of the most historical cities in Iran, I became familiar with the hand woven textiles of nearby nomadic people (Ashayers) whose works are “Woven from the soul, spun from the heart”. I pull these colours and forms inspired from the heart of tribal art and pour them on my canvas in an abstract form.

In my work I join tribal weaves with abstract western style painting while retaining the uthenticity of each. At times my work becomes highly abstract while at other times it refers back to tribal life; it is a combination of strands that are simultaneously one and many.

In my work the seduction of the surface, the vibrant colours, draw the viewer into the event of perception at the surface of the painting. This is reminiscent of issues taken up in modernist colour field painting: the holding of patches of colour that seduce the viewer.

I experiment with cutting the canvas and building up really thick layers with textiles, treating the painting like a collage. I sew on to the canvas with various textiles, reflecting the density and energy in every inch similar to the hand woven carpets that are symbolic of marriage of so many elegant elements including that of time, colour and artistic expressions.

My paintings are an attempt to explore our relationship to simpler modes of living that are more attuned to the natural environment. I live and work in Sydney where I am continuing my research and education in fine art.